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Welcome to 602 Properties, where we specialize in curating exceptional vacation rental experiences and providing top-tier property management services. Our dedicated team is committed to transforming spaces into memorable getaways and ensuring property owners experience seamless, stress-free management. From stunning vacation rentals that redefine your travel expectations to comprehensive property management solutions, 602 Properties is your trusted partner in creating lasting impressions and maximizing the potential of your real estate investments. Explore a new standard of excellence with 602 Properties, where every stay is an opportunity and every property is a masterpiece.

Vacation Rentals

Entrust your vacation property to 602 Properties for a worry-free experience. Our expert management team ensures seamless bookings, property maintenance, and exceptional guest experiences, maximizing your property's potential as a sought-after vacation destination.

Single Family 

For owners of single-family homes, 602 Properties offers comprehensive property management services. From tenant screening and lease management to property maintenance, our team is dedicated to optimizing your investment and providing peace of mind for single-family property owners.


Own a duplex and seeking efficient management? 602 Properties streamlines the process, handling tenant relations, lease agreements, and property maintenance for both units. Trust us to enhance the value of your duplex investment through professional and attentive management services.


Managing multi-family units demands expertise, and 602 Properties is your ideal partner. We excel in tenant retention, financial management, and property upkeep for multi-family investments. Let us handle the complexities, ensuring your multi-family properties are thriving investments under our dedicated management.

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